SCALO is a South African fashion brand that represents quality and style since 2009. Known  for  his  innovative  and  sophisticated  designs,  and  having  dressed  high profile celebrities  ,  it  can  be  said  that  Sello  Medupe,  founder  of  the  brand  Scalo,  has  come  a  long  way  from  when  he  first  started  out now  with distribution centers on three continents – Africa, America and Europe; from where we service a global customer base

Our Skills

The Scalo logo has taken on a strong presence for itself; as it reflects the personality of Sello and the inspiration behind Scalo, which is intended as distinguished, creative and emotionally present. The brand prides itself for its consistent approach to risk taking with bold fabric and color choice and its deep understanding of the human form and how its best flattered.  The brand has consistently showcased at Mercedes Benz fashion week since 2010.

Development 90%
Design 80%
HTML5 & CSS3 80%
Marketing 70%